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Can Christians Ask and Pray for Money and Prosperity?

Is it wrong for Christians to want financial prosperity, material things or even wealth? There are conflicting thoughts and discussions on whether or not it’s “godly” to pray for money. Money in itself can lead to sinful lusts, greed and desires. The love of money is a root to evil. As Christians, we do need […]

Can We Compartmentalize Our Feelings?

Bobbye and I attended a new networking meeting hosted by Rebecca Garcia. She entitled the group “Christian Women Entrepreneur Network.” We were asked to open in prayer and dedicate the group to the Lord. The women who attended were very sweet and sincere in their efforts to improve their lives, including their businesses. I was […]

Tag—You’re It!

Did you ever play tag as a kid? When I played, there was a designated home base. We all knew the rules and we felt like we were safe if we got to home base. Well, my dog loves to play tag too. He likes to play tag by grabbing my sock. Just when I […]