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NEW Daily Disciples Center

by Bobbye Brooks

July 7, 2017-SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Daily Disciples Ministries, Inc., founded in 2004 by Tonilee Adamson and Bobbye Brooks, is excited to announce its new location in Oceanside, California, at 701 West Street and 1002 S Coast Highway. Three buildings spanning over 10,000 square feet include an historic church, as well as several newly renovated rooms; the […]

Getting God Involved-Tonilee Adamson

by Bobbye Brooks

Years ago, I drove a minivan, primarily because I had three very young children at the time. My baby was only three months old. She sat in the middle row of the van, and then my older children were 6 and 4 years old and they shared the third row in the van. I had […]

Can We Compartmentalize Our Feelings?

by Bobbye Brooks

Bobbye and I attended a new networking meeting hosted by Rebecca Garcia. She entitled the group “Christian Women Entrepreneur Network.” We were asked to open in prayer and dedicate the group to the Lord. The women who attended were very sweet and sincere in their efforts to improve their lives, including their businesses. I was […]

Wow…What a Year! God is SO Faithful.

by Bobbye Brooks

Daily Disciples Ministries has had an incredible 2014 and words cannot begin to truly describe all of the experiences, emotions and incredible moments. All we can say is “To God be the Glory”. We held the Power of Friendship Tour in 11 cities across the USA. We had no idea what was in store as […]

Daily Disciples Summer Newsletter

by Bobbye Brooks

Daily Disciples Summer Newsletter Click Here to see the Newsletter Jesus Christ: First & Only    Jesus said, “In this world you will have tribulation” and we have witnessed it, lived with it, endured through it and we are not naive to think tribulation will go away. Instead we accept it as part of life […]