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Women Who Minister

by Bobbye Brooks

I attended the #SheLeads Conference held at the First Church of the Nazarene in Pasadena (or PazNaz). Two of my Theology teachers were attending who have had a tremendous influence on me so I decided to go. One professor is Dr. Kara Lyons-Pardue. She is in her mid-30s and reads Greek as a first language. […]

Pre-Born Lives Matter: Commentary from a Concerned Business Owner

by Bobbye Brooks

PRE-BORN LIVES MATTER Wavering like a piano metronome my emotions swing from despair to hope regarding the pending presidential election. For me, the number one issue is federal and state mandated elective abortion coverage requiring health plans to cover the cost of killing innocent human life that has no voice. Hillary Clinton said that Obamacare […]

The Power of Love Conferences-Why We Need to Know God Loves Us

by Bobbye Brooks

As we travel from city to city across the USA hosting the Power of Love women’s conferences, it has become strongly apparent that most of us do not fully┬átrust in God’s love. We can know that God loves because the Bible says He does. We can quote the scriptures and we can even repeat it […]

Tag—You’re It!

by Tonilee Adamson

Did you ever play tag as a kid? When I played, there was a designated home base. We all knew the rules and we felt like we were safe if we got to home base. Well, my dog loves to play tag too. He likes to play tag by grabbing my sock. Just when I […]

Wow…What a Year! God is SO Faithful.

by Bobbye Brooks

Daily Disciples Ministries has had an incredible 2014 and words cannot begin to truly describe all of the experiences, emotions and incredible moments. All we can say is “To God be the Glory”. We held the Power of Friendship Tour in 11 cities across the USA. We had no idea what was in store as […]