Daily Disciples Summer Newsletter

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Jesus Christ: First & Only 


Jesus said, “In this world you will have tribulation” and we have witnessed it, lived with it, endured through it and we are not naive to think tribulation will go away. Instead we accept it as part of life and determine to do the work of the Lord in the midst of the tribulation. We have heard with our ears and seen with our eyes the lies of the enemy and what he has done to the women in this nation: depression, abandonment, hopelessness, fear, guilt, uncertainty and insecurity. Currently, the worst seems to be disillusionment. From prayer requests to testimonies, we hear their hearts’ cries. They wonder why their prayers are not being answered. Their faith is being tested and their hope is fading. There is Hope and there are answers. But, we must stop believing the lie that started in the Garden. The serpent told this lie to Eve and we are buying into it today; It is the lie implying “God is withholding from you.” This lie is destroying the faith of the faithful to become faithless. 
Without faith, we become ineffective. We stop praying, we stop serving and we stop sharing the Good News of Christ, because we no longer identify the Gospel as good news from a personal experience. Faith pleases God. Who ever said that God needs to please us? What happened to the words like patience, persistence, perseverance, endurance and self control? Yes, we know that God has given us promises, but He has not told us when those promises will be fulfilled.
It’s time to come back to our first love. It is time to cast off the unanswered prayers, which have become idols. It is time to allow the Lord to work, move and have His way through us for something greater than our own prayer requests. Today is the day of salvation. Are we experiencing the power, presence and purpose of His salvation in our lives?
When we seek Him first, our desires change and tribulation weakens its hold on us. We, Bobbye and Tonilee, are not stopping. Some days are harder than others but we have a choice to keep the faith or to complain. We desire His abundant life. We desire to  preach the Good News and to witness the awesome power of God’s love. Are you ready for revival to come to your heart? Are you ready to participate in the heart of God to seek and save the lost? Are you willing to step out and speak up, for there is no other way and no other thing worthy to be served?
No amount of money or platform can compare to eternal life. Eternal life starts here on earth. Who will go for the Lord? How will they hear if no one is willing to tell them? Trust Him and let go, so you can GO and TELL. Step out and watch God go ahead of you and pick up after you for His glory and your greater good.Love and Prayers,
Bobbye & Tonilee