Traveling across the country has reinforced what I already knew about women: they want and need an outlet to share their story. If I ask a woman what she wants to do with her life, the answer is always the same, “I want to help others….” We have this innate, God-given desire to help others. Many of us are helping others make their business successful; some are working to meet the wants, desires and commands of other people. All of these are noble and give us a sense of purpose. But, what about the desires God has specifically given to you. God has a plan for you and He’s placed those wants and needs on your heart and in your mind. So, who’s going to help you, be there to get you started and coach you along the way. One place to start is by getting our video seminar, “How to Market and Monetize Your Message”. Yes, people want to hear your story because it matters. This seminar shows you how to go from start to finish….check out the video and ORDER THE DVD TODAY!  $25 Free Shipping


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