Did you ever play tag as a kid? When I played, there was a designated home base. We all knew the rules and we felt like we were safe if we got to home base. Well, my dog loves to play tag too. He likes to play tag by grabbing my sock. Just when I am about to put the sock on my foot, he snatches it from me and runs away with the sock so I can chase him. After we run laps around the couch, he knows I am catching him, so he runs to his bed with my sock. He then stares at me as if he is saying, “I’m safe! You cannot take back your sock because it is off limits when I come back to my home base.”

I could grab that sock from my miniature poodle at any time, especially when he is in his bed. It’s his pretend rules that I honor but there is no reality to it.

Sometimes I think we live in that delusion too. We are not safe just because we want to think we are. Even as adults, we play games like “protect and pretend.” We protect the façade that all those in our lives are perfect and pretend that our lives are perfect. It is not true. The more people we have in our lives, the more problems we will have. Why? Because nothing is perfect and there is an enemy who accuses us in the spiritual realm continually. We need to be wise to protect our minds from the lies of the enemy and not pretend that we are safe. Only through Christ can we fight the schemes of the devil and we must not be naïve. Jesus Christ has given us His Spirit and His sword to fight the wiles of the enemy. We need to push forward in faith and be steadfast in prayer as we all know that he, who perseveres unto the end, gets to keep the sock!