As we travel from city to city across the USA hosting the Power of Love women’s conferences, it has become strongly apparent that most of us do not fully┬átrust in God’s love. We can know that God loves because the Bible says He does. We can quote the scriptures and we can even repeat it to ourselves. But, do we live in that place of love, peace and joy? How many of us have experienced the fullness, the sweetness, of God’s love? Sadly, many Christians have a hard time resting in His love.

Why? Why is knowing and trusting God’s love so critically important to us? One primary reason is because He created us to need His love, to yearn for His love and to deeply crave His love. As we grow from children to adults, we lose that innocence of love. We suffer in damaged relationships. We face hurts and disappointments from people who claim to love us. We can even endure traumatic experiences of betrayal and abuse, as many people have shared with us on this tour.

When life leaves its dirty imprint upon us, we tend to turn away from ever trusting that true love exists. We turn away from Love. We turn away from God. The results can be devastating; loneliness, despair, anger, bitterness, broken relationships and a sense of unworthiness. All of these issues can be wiped away with the LOVE of God flooding our hearts. These Power of Love conferences bring women from all backgrounds together to come back to Jesus and find the greatest love of all.